Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hottest Summer

Okay, so I know I'm kinda a freak... but I'm so excited that we officially set a new record for most number of triple-digit heat days in a year (today marked day 70, and we're supposed to make it near 100 degrees tomorrow, so we could add another day for the year - the record was 69 days, set back in 1980). We missed the record for the number of consecutive triple-digit heat days by only two days. Today, we also shattered the high temperature that was set back in 1965 (100 degrees) - we reached 107 degrees (which is also the record for the hottest temperature post-Labor Day).

Let me be clear. I don't love the horrendous heat-wave that's battered Texas this year. BUT, if we're going to suffer through such a hot summer and be so close to breaking record(s), then we might as well go all out! Luckily, relief from the heat is in the near future. We're supposed to get a cool front Thursday, which will drop our highs into the 80s. I'm definitely ready for some cooler weather (but I'm glad that we broke some records)! I'm a bit concerned, though because the relief from the heat includes chances of storms. We desperately need rain (and an end to this drought), but storms are rough on my migraines. I'm bracing for a bumpy ride.

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