Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Honey Bee

I've been wanting to get a dog for quite some time now. I grew up with pets, and it's been lonely not having any for so long. It just never felt like the right time to take action. But, everything suddenly fell into place over the past few months.

Once I decided that I wanted to get a dog and that the timing was right, I prayed about it and talked it over with my husband. Then, I started doing my research (of course!). Things really got rolling in May.

I found myself searching online for dogs, as well as information about various different dog topics. I even began "nesting" for a dog that we hadn't even found yet. I was busy, busy cleaning and "dog-proofing" our apartment.

In the car with Christy,
heading to her new home!
I even tried to start walking / exercising more, in preparation of having a dog. Unfortunately, that hasn't seemed to work very well. I've found that even after just a walk, I have to come back to the apartment and very consciously walk super-slowly to "cool down," or I'll be completely useless the rest of the day. If I do the cool down, I have a much better chance of keeping my head and body pain from worsening and getting out of control.

I first emailed about Honey Bee on May 29. We met her and her foster mom, Christy, on June 3... we instantly fell in love with her (and her friend LayLee - unfortunately, we can't have a pit in the apartment complex we live in)!

Jeremy, Jamie, Honey
saying goodbye to Christy.
We adopted our little Honey Bee on July 1st. She's such a blessing! She's a 2-3 years old Labrador / Vizsla mix, and she's a tripod. She's such a soft, sweet, curious, quiet, and beautiful dog.

When her foster mom brought her to our apartment, she immediately recognized me - it was such a great moment. She seems to be adjusting pretty well to being here with us. She's had some pretty bad / negative experiences in her past, so she's overly cautious and hyper-vigilant. As she grows to trust us, we're hoping her self-confidence will grow.

Honey & Jamie
We're so grateful to have found a such a wonderful job. It'll take some time to work with her to help her feel more comfortable around certain stimuli (dogs, people, etc). But, I truly believe we've been paired up to inspire one another.

We're really looking forward to seeing her blossom. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey for Jeremy, me, and our Honey Bee!   (so, stay tuned)

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