Friday, June 17, 2011


I know I've been away from my blog for a while, but we have AMAZING news!!! Jeremy got a JOB in TEXAS! We're heading back to our HOME state... NEXT week!

We're packing like crazy people... I can already feel it bad in my back. I'm trying to PACE myself by taking plenty of breaks (and making sure I eat/drink)... but it's DIFFICULT, when the timelines is so short. We're only moving the 'essentials' right now (we'll stay with family, until we get an apartment in Texas). But, I want to get as much PACKED as possible, so that we'll be able to get moved quicker (once we get an apartment).

I can't even begin to explain how BLESSED and EXCITED we are! I've been having some lower pain days for the better part of the last week or so, which has also been such a BLESSING. We have A LOT of packing to do and stress to deal with, but we're FINALLY heading home... and starting a new chapter of our lives. :-)
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