Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Government Program Rant (Jan 22)

Medicare remains an obstacle course that I feel tangled up in. But, no matter how confusing the intricacies of Medicare are, it's something else that bothers me more right now.

All of the state and federal financial assistance programs that say they're for "low income" families LIE! They're for "low asset" families. My husband has no job (and no unemployment income... a whole different battle...), so our ONLY income is Social Security Disability and a little bit of private Long-Term Disability (= low income). However, we do NOT qualify for financial assistance because we started saving our money when we were very young. I started a 401K with my first full-time job, and I made sure to save before and while I was working. The mere fact that we did the right thing and put our money away in savings means that we now have to suffer the consequences. What the heck?! We could've just spent the money, and then had the government pay for our Medicare premiums and other financial assistance (e.g., Supplemental Security Income).

Don't get me wrong, I know that there are people out there that are in situations that they truly do need these programs. But, I think the way the programs are set up leave them WAY too open for ABUSE. I mean, the only way to get an increase in Social Security Disability is to have a child (or more children)... me now having a spouse doesn't matter, but if we have a child... I think it's the same way with Welfare. Really?! Does that make any real sense? Think about the implications of a system that works this way.

Please don't get me wrong! We're NOT looking for free handouts. We've worked hard for the money we have, and we intend to keep doing so (just as soon as we can find my husband a job...).
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