Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Update & Triggers

Well, I've clearly not kept up with this month's blogging challenge. :-/ I am trying to get several posts finished up, so I can publish them here soon - it's just taking me longer to do anything right now.

I've been dealing with some migraine triggers - some controllable (time with family), some not (weather), and some in-between (sleep). I think I did well avoiding food / drink triggers, even over the holidays.

Weather - The weather has been a crazy roller coaster, and the frequent temperature drops have been difficult for my head pain.

Sleep - I've been having a different kind of struggle with sleep lately. Sometimes I wake up early and can't get back to sleep, and sometimes I sleep into the afternoon. Sometimes I'm up late, and sometimes I can hardly make it through the evening awake. This past weekend, for example, I slept a lot. Sunday, I was only awake for about 8 of the 24 hours, and I still felt so tired.

Family - No doubt, I've pushed myself quite a lot over the past few weeks, and I've been paying the price for doing so. But, I'm grateful for getting to visit with my sister (who was in town for a week), and my family (immediate and extended).

I've been trying my best to stay in the present moment, and to enjoy and be grateful for the time I have been able to spend time with loved ones.

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