Saturday, June 6, 2015

Song of Hope

Song of Hope: What song gives you hope to hold, despite your Migraines or Headaches and how?

I love music. It can express things that it's otherwise difficult to express.

I've posted a lot about different songs that provide me comfort, inspiration, hope, etc. If you'd like to take a look and hear more, I actually have a blog post specifically for songs of hope: My Playlist: Songs of Hope.

One of the songs on that playlist is the one that I feel most compelled to share today: Stronger by Mandisa.

This song is such a strong reminder that God loves me unconditionally and will never forsake me. He knows the hurt I feel, and He will help me through even the most difficult of times.
'Cause if He started this work in your life / He will be faithful to complete it / If only you believe it / He knows how much it hurts / And I'm sure that He's gonna help you get through this

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11).

Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope: What symbol helps give you hope for living with Migraine and Headaches?

There are multiple symbols that help give me hope for living with Migraine and Headaches. But, there is one that stands far beyond all the others.

The cross.

The cross means and reminds me of so many things, including: that I am a cherished child of God, that God loves me so much that He sacrificed His only son (who was raised on the third day), that I have purpose in this life,  that I am never alone, that I have the God of angel armies fighting for me.

The cross points me back to God. My faith in Him is where I find strength, hope, gratitude, and peace.
"I can do all this through him who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13)

Large Migraine Hopes

Large Migraine and Headache Hopes: What large thing gives you hope for living with Headaches and Migraines?

One of the large things that gives me hope for living with Migraine and Headache is advocacy. I get a surge of hope rush through me, as I see and read so many people's stories and advocacy efforts online.

It also gives me hope to be able to be one of the voices out there. This blog is a place that I can share my experience, advocate for myself and the Migraine community, and let others know that they're not alone. Even though there are times that I struggle to write, I try to share / spread hope in other ways. Being able to contribute, in even the smallest way, is huge to me.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

Small Migraine Hopes

I've fallen a few days behind in the blog challenge, so hang on tight as I quickly get caught up.

Small Headache and Migraine Hopes: What small thing gives you hope for living with Headaches and Migraines?

I've been much more aware of the "little things" in life. Perhaps this is one of the "side effects" of life slowing down. Life is made up of little moments, and I now find that even the most mundane things have taken on different meaning.

It is in the simple, everyday things that I find hope. For example, I find hope in being able to help out around the house, in whatever capacity I'm able. Each day, I do at least one thing, no matter how big or small. 

My husband really helps me with this. He cheers me on, even when I don't feel I've contributed to the day in any way. Even when all I can do is get out of bed in the morning and barely hang on throughout the day, he is there to help me and he tells / reminds me that my worth is not based on what I can or cannot do.

It gives me hope, when I'm able to attend and participate in things outside the home: going for a walk with my husband (and our dog), going to the grocery store with my husband (rarely, alone), spending time with loved ones. When I'm able to manage the pain with coping skills and/or meds, and still be able to participate in life, it gives me hope.

I also believe that gratitude and hope are intertwined. The more grateful I am, the more hope I feel for the future. There's power in noticing and being grateful for even the smallest of things in life.

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