Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Weather
I didn't particularly care for today's prompt, so I'm going to write about something else. I've been wondering all day what to write about, but I haven't had any luck (due to migraine-brain). So, when at a loss for words, what better to talk about than... the weather.

Our temperature has dropped almost 30º in the last few hours (and the winds have increased, gusting to around 40mph). I live in Texas, so I expect the craziest weather patterns... It's a roller coaster! Starting in mid-October (10/17-18), each week has delivered a cool front, dropping our temperatures at least 20º in a few hours. The temperatures go back up, and then a big drop again.

Unfortunately, my health seems to follow a similar pattern as Texas weather... drastic ups and downs. I'm seeing a pattern emerge with some of my migraines, when the weather changes so quickly. I love Texas, and I love fall so much... but they're both torturous. Unfortunately, there's no magic bubble that I can surround myself in to protect myself from the changes in weather.

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