Friday, November 4, 2011

My Blogging Process

Today's challenge is to do a quick blog meditation on blogging itself: my blog-writing and post-publish process. Do you immediately tweet a link? Email it to everyone? Re-read it for spelling errors?

I don't have one single process for writing for my blog. I begin in one of any number of different ways, including... thinking of an interesting title (though this often changes, once I write the post), coming up with an idea, writing about an image or quote that inspires me, or expanding on something that I've previously written (either on my blog or in my written journal).

There are many times that I come up with an idea, and then the writing part comes so easily... the words just pour out of me. Finding an image that truly adds to the post can sometimes be a little more difficult.

Before I publish something to my blog, I edit and proofread it... multiple times. Typically, I come and go from a post multiple times before it ever gets published to my blog. Especially if it's an emotionally charged post (such as venting), I feel like I need to get it out, separate myself from it for a while, and then come back and see if it's really something that needs to be shared (sometimes just typing it up or writing it out is enough... then delete or throw it away).

Finally, I do a final proofread of the post in its entirety, and preview it (multiple times), before posting it to my blog. I try not to make changes to the post, once I've pressed "publish"... unless I see some really bad typo.

Depending on what the post is about, I sometimes post a link on Facebook (I don't have Twitter). I periodically check the site analytics, and I try to respond to comments that I might receive.

This post was written as part of the National Health Blog Posting Month (NHBPM).

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog is intended as medical or legal advice.

What I write on this site is my own, and if it is someone else's, I take special care to attribute it to the original author. So, please don't use any of my material without proper attribution or permission. Thanks.