Monday, September 1, 2014

The Battle for Sleep Continues

I've written about my My Ongoing Battle of Sleep before. Unfortunately, the battle continues.

My sleep has been a huge obstacle and struggle lately, even moreso than normal... which is really saying something. I'm not sure exactly why, though I know that pain, anxiety, depression, and some of my as-needed migraine meds all play a role.

Making things more frustrating, I can be dozing off on the sofa (to the point that I can't keep my eyes open)... but, by the time I get to the bed, I struggle to get to sleep.

It's been worsening quite a bit over the past month. I'm almost on an opposite sleep schedule - getting to sleep around the time most people are getting up for the day, and sleeping into the afternoon.

I've tried different meds, essential oils, hot showers, hot/cold packs, a lot of the typical "sleep hygiene" ideas, etc. I keep trying to go to bed at a more normal time, but I sometimes find myself so restless that I could hardly stand it. So, I'm trying to get my body back on track... it's a wearisome journey.
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