Friday, November 30, 2012

Migraine, Migraine, Go Away... Please!

I'm feeling pretty down right now. I've been struggling with migraine(s) that have been nearly non-stop for 5-7 days... it's hard to tell when one stops and another begins. I called my headache doctor today (so as not to get stuck over the weekend), and I feel like he just brushed me off - I was told that he doesn't have anything else to try and to go to the ER if it persists or worsens.

I've gone into this doctor for emergency care several times before (same meds they might give me at ER, but in a much more migraine-friendly environment, with my own doctor, and a third of the cost).

These words came crashing down on me... so disheartening, especially while I've been trying to fight this one off all day without meds because I've maxed out for the week. I can take more of my meds tomorrow - and, if I'm feeling this badly then, I'll be taking the higher dosage (an option my doctor has left to my discretion)... which should lead to sleep, and hopefully relief. Otherwise, I guess I might be going to the ER.
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