Sunday, June 10, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #10: Taking An Important Step

My husband and I were able to attend our sister-in-law's ordination this past week. We drove down to Waco, Texas to attend the service and celebrate. We're so proud of her! She and her husband (Jeremy's brother) are now both ordained, and will be starting at a new church as head pastors this next week. We're so glad we were able to be there for such an important event.

I struggled through much of the church service, due to the shrill voice of an opera soprano singing and the volume of the organ. My dad had recommended that I take earplugs, so (luckily) I threw some into my purse. I put one of the neon pink/yellow earplugs into one of my ears (hoping it wouldn't be too obvious to others), and plugged my other ear (as needed). I probably should've put both earplugs in, but even wearing the one (in public) was a huge step for me.

I struggled with the ride back home the following day; but I was able to enjoy dinner with a long-lost friend, the ordination service, and visiting with family. And, I made an important step in caring for myself... even though it required wearing neon earplugs in public.

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