Thursday, September 9, 2010

Changed Relationships

Changed Relationships

One moment in time has drastically changed
every aspect of my life.

Dealing with these changes
has been much more difficult
to deal with than I ever imagined.

I have changed.
My relationships have changed.
And it is hard.

My relationship with God has been rocky.
I have felt angry, disappointed, and abandoned.
I'm in the process of mending this most important relationship.

My relationship with my family has been one of love and support.
But, my family and I are still trying to
grieve the old me and accept the new me.

My relationships with friends have all but disappeared.
Perhaps they don't know what to say or do,
perhaps they can't accept the changed me.

I already feel so alone,
facing the monsters of chronic pain,
while trying to accept my limitations.

But, feeling separated from those I was once close with
is a burden I never could have anticipated.
It's a loss I didn't expect, when the pain began.

Finding the support of the blogging community
has come at just the right time.
I thank all those that I've come into contact with -
your support and understanding is much appreciated.

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