Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, we finally moved all of our stuff down from Tulsa to Texas. Yesterday was a LONG day! Luckily, we had plenty of help and support from family and friends (we appreciate it sooo much!). We were able to load everything up in the morning, make the drive (took about 6 hours), and unload everything into our new apartment. I was even able to get some things unpacked in the kitchen (thank you, Mom!). We're both so excited to have our stuff down here now, but we're still staying with family through Jeremy's work-week (Thursday through Sunday).

I know that it's still going to take PLENTY of time to get unpacked and settled in, BUT I'm so glad that things are moving right along. After moving everything to the apartment (we still have some stuff here... staying with family... but the majority is moved), we can unpack and settle it, whenever it's good timing for us. I have to pace myself so much (which I hate!); but it's much easier to take breaks and stuff, when I'm on my own time.

BONUS:  Jeremy and I met our downstairs neighbor yesterday evening. We know more about them (i.e., the woman's name, and that the man is a UT fan) than we knew about any of our neighbors in Tulsa!

Well, we're both EXHAUSTED! My body was NOT happy yesterday, and I'm still feeling it today (as expected, though). But, I didn't have to take any of my abortive meds either day, which is great! It's going to take a while to make things up to my body, but it's GREAT to be back in Texas!!!

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  1. Wow, what a productive day! So glad that you two had all the help and support you needed for this huge task.

    I know the hardest thing to do when the moving is done is not want to just get unpacked and settled. At the same time, it's awful tough on our bodies. It would exhaust a healthy person... having just gone through it myself earlier this summer I am sympathizing with you right now. I hope you will have the help you need for this portion of the move.


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