Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update on First Round of Botox

I want to share how my first round of Botox went. Let me start by linking to the process I in deciding to try Botox as a treatment for my chronic migraines:
I also wrote a post right after having the injections (in August 2013):  First Round of Botox.

So, back to how things have been the past (just under) 3 months. I feel pretty confident in saying that I didn't get any relief from Botox. Things are a little complicated because I was off one of my preventive supplements for a couple weeks, right when Botox would've been starting to help. I ran out of the supplement (due to a problem with automatic refills) and was off of it for a couple weeks. Just before I ran out, I talked to my doctor, and we decided to just discontinue because it didn't seem to be helping (after a few months). I think the increase in pain was because of stopping the supplement - not necessarily that the supplement was helping, but just the process of getting off of it. 

I've been back on the supplement for about six weeks, I believe. My pain levels have been better the last couple weeks. But, is it due to being back on the supplement? Botox wearing off? Or any number of other factors? It's so frustrating to not know, since there are so many factors at play all the time.

Will I have a second round? I'm not sure. Honestly, I have very mixed feelings about it. I don't think it helped at all (and may have actually worsened the pain for a while), but that's not to say that another round wouldn't. I don't have such negativity about it that I feel that it won't help at all, but I'm also not super hopeful that another round will provide relief. My doctor doesn't really think it'll help, but he's willing to try another round.

With that said, I'm in the interim right now. My doctor said that insurance may not cover another round because the first round didn't provide relief. I've had my doctor's office submit a request for another round to be approved by my insurance, so I'm waiting to hear back (I would need to do the second round in the next week or two).

I don't know that I really want to do another round, though.

I was blessed that our insurance covered my first round of Botox 100%. So, I think I may go ahead and do a second round if insurance will cover it. But, I'm not going to pay out-of-pocket for a second round. I've found myself hoping that God will put obstacles in place, if I'm not meant to... not that that indicates that I'll get relief if He doesn't put up obstacles, but yea.

For better or worse, that's my first round of Botox experience. I'll let y'all know, if I end up trying another round in the future.

*Update:  I just heard back from my doctor's office. My insurance has approved another round of Botox. Since my insurance hasn't changed since last time, we're assuming it'll be covered 100%. So, I'm going to pray on it, and talk to Jeremy about it today. I have November 18 temporarily scheduled, but I told them I'd let them know whether or not I'm going to go through with a second round. So, please keep me in your prayers - I need guidance and discernment for what I'm supposed to do.

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  1. Jamie - thanks for sharing the outcome of your botox treatment. The info can help others considering trying it. My insurance didn't pay 100% for the treatment so my copay out of pocket was $535.00. It seemed the migraines weren't quite as severe but that was the only benefit I received. I still had on average 20 migraines a month. I was so desperate for better results that I paid that expensive copay several times. The shots were so painful it made me cry to get them and one eyelid drooped which unfortunately, seems to be permanantly droopy more than a year since the last round. Just wanted to share more detail from my experience. Pray you'll have peace no matter what your decision. God bless you!

    1. Luann, thank you for sharing more about your Botox experience. I'm sorry you didn't get more relief. That's scary about the droopy eyelid, even so long after stopping Botox treatments. But, I appreciate you sharing that with me.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I'm glad you tried Botox. My doctor said to give it 3 rounds before saying no to it. I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years. This last go around has been the best one by far. Will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Holly, it's so interesting what different doctors say. My doctor said that there's a small possibility that it could work, but he's found that his patients that don't get any relief from the first round don't get relief from subsequent rounds of Botox. I'm so glad that you're getting improved relief - how great to hear!

  3. I'll be holding you up in prayer Jamie. It's such a tough call when there are so many factors at play, but you will make the right choice for you - I'm sure of it.


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