Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Truths & a Lie

Today's topic is: "Three Truths and a Lie: Tell us three things that are true about you, your condition, your Health Activism, or your life. Now tell us a lie. Do you think we will be able to tell the difference?"

I have a fear of needles.
I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.
I'm getting my second round of Botox treatment for chronic migraines today.
I'm not at all anxious about today's Botox appointment.

Well, I think it's pretty obvious that the last one is the lie. :-/ I'm sorry I wasn't more creative with this post, but my mind is pretty well occupied... trying to relax and remind myself that I've done it before and I can do it again. Prayers welcome.

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  1. Jamie, I just came across this blog, and am already intrigued. I, too, have been struggling with chronic migraines. They started when i was 5. I am now 17.
    This blog post is the first of yours I have looked at and you mentioned the Botox. I did my second round two months ago. The pain during the treatment is awful, but I have had a reduction in the frequency and intensity of my headaches. How is it working for you? I hope you have had improvements similar to (or exceeding) mine. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog!


    1. Jessica, thanks for leaving a message for me. So far, I haven't really noticed any relief / improvement from this round of Botox yet (it'll only be two weeks Monday). I've been really fatigued lately, but still hoping the Botox will provide some relief. I'm glad to hear it's helping you! Take care!

  2. Hey Jamie, I liked your post. I can understand that when a person is too busy he can't be very creative at times. okay lemme also try.

    1. I love dogs
    2. I love coffee
    3. I like to read books
    4. I love to play video games

    Now can you tell me which one was a lie about me? Hmm.. that's pretty hard I think to guess if you don't know me in person. Well, it was the 3rd point.... I really hate reading books.

    Thank you for the article. Keep writing!
    Finn Felton


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