Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Update (Trip to the ER)

I apologize for being absent. I've been struggling so very much with migraines lately. I had one that was non-stop for over a week - I think we've finally been able to get it down a notch, so it's still migraine-level, but it's manageable right now. I tried all of the treatment options I have from my doctor (four different medicines / medicine cocktails), but with no relief. The pain just continued to worsen.

Wednesday (July 4th) was especially bad. Nothing could help relieve or distract me from the pain. I was crying so much (uncontrollably) in the evening / night - very out of character for me. We decided to go to the Emergency Room - we went to a stand-alone ER (rather than the ER at a hospital, since the closest one is 30+ minutes from the apartment), which is only a mile or so away from the apartment. I was so scared and hurting so badly, and I hated having to leave Honey at home.

The ER wasn't all that helpful - they didn't ask what meds I was on, give me fluids, ask me questions about the pain / symptoms, etc. The doctor came in and said, "Well, I can't prescribe Demerol" (I'm guessing he must've seen something related to my insurance because we hadn't mentioned it Ummm, I never asked him to. I told him that I'd already tried Demerol for this migraine, and it hadn't helped.

They came to give me "meds for the pain and nausea." I had to ask what they were about to give / inject me. They gave me Zofran ODT and Dilaudid. We stayed there a bit to make sure I didn't have a reaction, and then they sent me home (told me to contact my doctor, but to go to a hospital ER if pain continues / worsened). We were only gone for 1.5 hours, so that was great. Thankfully, the meds dropped my pain for a 9 to an 8. I took my night medicine and was able to get a few hours of sleep at a time through the night.

But, the pain continued... Jeremy called my doctor the following morning, and he started me on a two day regimen of corticosteroids. I finished those a few days ago, and I've still been dealing with the pain. I used one of my migraine meds on Sunday, and I've been able to keep the pain to a manageable migraine level (only manageable by not really doing anything but resting) for the past two days. I'll probably need to contact my doctor again tomorrow... I just want this wretched cycle to end!


  1. Oh Jamie, I'm So sorry that this migraine has been so hard to get on top of. I hope your doc will be able to help you today.

    I'm praying for you and sending you gentle hugs from St Louis.

  2. :( I'm so sorry. Praying you get complete relief.

  3. Doctor had me go in to his office, where I was given two shots. Feeling a lot of side effects, making it hard to know how well it's working for the head pain... but, I'm still hopeful. Thankful for (and still needing) the prayers.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I sure hope you are feeling somewhat better and your pain levels have gone down. Excuse my nosiness but I was wondering if your Doctor ever gave you a "certain prescription list" for extreme cases when you have no choice but to go to the ER to get the pain levels down? The ER does not give you an IV DHE therapy or the IM DHE? Has your HS tried Thorazine or Compazine Suppositories that have the benefit of helping to sedate you as to avoid an emergency room visit?

    Sorry, I do a bit too much research and reading Management of Headache Books and it hurts me to read about women suffering and not being properly treated at ER's. Forgive me as I am sure your Doctor must have tried several medications to help control your pain levels but I was just curious to know if he ever gave you a "list" that you can take with you to an ER visit that instruct the ER Doctors on what combination cocktail they can give you to "break" or "lower" the status migraine. The shots that your HS gives you.....they could not give you this when you went into the ER?

    I am always thinking of you and praying for you my sweet friend. Indeed you are a strong and faithful woman. I will ask my friends and prayer groups to pray for you so that you get to feeling better and those pain levels go down.

    Sending you hugs, love & prayers!

    Your online buddy,

    1. I'm feeling a little better, but the darn thing still isn't breaking. :-( It's at a manageable level right now, but there's no question that it's still very much here.

      Don't worry about being "nosy," I don't mind.

      No, my doctor has not given me a prescription list for when I have to go to the ER. I plan on talking to him about it, but it's never been too much of an issue. Technically, this was the first time I've gone to the ER specifically for a Migraine (the other times I've been have been bad reactions to meds, etc). If my doctor's office is open, I can go to him to get the needed injections (with the long drive it takes same amount of time as ER would, but it's in a more migraine-friendly environment with a doctor that knows my history, and it's much less expensive than an ER visit).

      I'll probably bring the "ER cocktail" idea up to him when I see him later this month - he moved my September appointment up to this month, in order to try to figure out why things have gotten so much worse.

      We haven't tried the suppositories. I looked them up a little. Compazine = Prochlorperazine -> I've tried the pill version, which didn't help and made me feel weird, drowsy, and I think I slept for the better part of a day after taking the dose. Thorazine = Chlorpromazine -> I've tried the pill version, which ended up sending me to the ER (I passed out and my BP was approaching coma level.

      Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and concern. I appreciate your input and suggestions, and don't worry about being nosy. You've been on my mind, as well. Blessings, dear friend.

  5. Your post makes me want to cry! I'm soooo sorry you have been going through so much pain. Praying for you right now. You need relief. I'm so sorry you have to go through the side effects too. Sometimes, it feels like you can't win. Praying God comforts you and brings his healing touch to your body.

    1. Heather, thank you for the prayers. I hope that you're doing well. <3

  6. Poor girl. Thought of you today, as a migraine decided to wake me up this morning. I was sure hoping to find out you were doing better. :( Prayers.

    1. I had a better day than I've been having migraine-wise on Saturday. Apparently, thought, the things I was experiencing may have been prodrome because I got hit hard yesterday with a migraine. Little better today.

      I'm sorry the migraine decided to attack you this morning. I hope you've found some relief.

      Hugs and prayers.

  7. Jaime, I had to go on some major prednisone for the past few weeks. It knocked out the migraine! I still get headaches, but the one I couldn't break FINALLY, truly broke!!! I hope the same for you.

    P.S. The Elavil has helped me stay on top of migraine attacks. Woot! Hopefully, this will continue to keep them at a doable level of frequency. :)

    1. Layla, I'm glad that one finally broke for you. Mine finally broke, but it's still been migraines just about daily. I go back to the doctor this Tuesday. I hope the Elavil continue to help you! That would be great!


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