Monday, June 18, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #18: The Price is Right

In 2011, the National Institute of Health (NIH) only designated 0.07% of NIH funding to headache disorders! The great reach of Migraine disease and other headache disorders (there are over 100!) isn't being acknowledged and dealt with. Headache and Migraine are an enormous drain on society - costing us more money than epilepsy, asthma, and ovarian cancer combined. Yet, funding doesn't accurately reflect this.

If money were no issue, there are a lot of things I would do for the Migraine community - I'd make sure that everyone was able to get the medical treatment they deserve, I'd ensure that doctors receive more Migraine and headache centered training in school, and I'd increase awareness of Migraine and headache disorders.

But, if I had to choose ONE thing, it would probably be to expand research opportunities to learn more about Migraine and other headache disorders. Research into the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of Migraine is greatly needed to help dispel all of the myths, misconceptions, and stigma that surround Migraine. We know so little about what's happening in the brain during a Migraine attack, which leaves diagnosis and treatment greatly lacking.

And, since money is not issue, I'd help increase funds for Teri Robert's idea to create an endowment fund, which would permanently fund research for Migraine.

Image by Kate Chapell
I believe that funding research will give Migraineurs some much-needed HOPE. And, that is what will help us keep taking the next step, and the next step...

This post was written as part of the Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge (MAMBC), which is initiated by and the National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation (NHF).

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