Sunday, April 15, 2012

Writing With Style

I don't really have one single writing style.

I've always loved handwriting in a journal. However, I don't write very quickly, and I've had increased physical pain in my neck and shoulder that prevent how much I'm able to hand write before being in too much pain.

The increased pain is one reason I started online blogging. I still deal with the pain, but I'm able to get more of my thoughts out because I can type much quicker than I can write.

Most of the time, words just flow from my mind to my fingertips... whether I'm writing by hand or typing on the computer. There are times that I simply can't seem to type as fast as my mind is going, but I do my best.

I have written notes all over the apartment... it drives my husband crazy! I'm working on combining them and using the computer / tablet / phone to keep the number of paper notes down. But, sometimes it's easiest to just jot down a note on a piece of paper, so I'll have to work on utilizing my other resources more.

As far as blogging goes, I write from our computer. Sometimes the words just flow out. Other times, I "sit on a post" for months before actually posting it. Even if I'm working through stuff, and I know that my blog is constantly changing, I still feel like I need to reach a certain point of real understanding before I post something. I don't like to "publish" unfinished thoughts, which is dumb because where does it end?! Just because I publish something, doesn't mean that I can't continue to think, change, grow. In fact, it's only healthy and natural that I do! But, I'm a perfectionist... I'm working on it, though.

I tend to get some of my best writing done late at night. I used to be a night owl, but I've been trying to make and keep a better sleep schedule. But, I can't just leave so many thoughts moving around in my head... I have to try to get them out. So, I write.

This post was written as part of the Health Activist Writer's Awareness Challenge (HAWMC).

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