Monday, May 2, 2011

Mall Madhouse

The MALL is a horrible place for a Migraineur.

Photo by Trainer Momma1
I knew this, but it was reaffirmed a couple days ago. Unfortunately, I already had at least the start of a migraine when we went, but we had to get our new glasses ordered (before our vision insurance ended). My husband went with me, so that helped.
  • The LIGHTS were so bright - fluorescent lights and the sun coming through the window ceilings.
  • The SOUNDS were unbearable - crowds of people, there were random singers there with microphones in the middle of the mall, and the music was blasting in the bustling food court.
  • The SMELLS were constantly strong and changing - people with different perfumes/colognes walking by, bath and body stores, the food court (which has the largest variety of foods I've ever seen in one place), and perfume/cologne stores everywhere.
  • The CROWDS were ridiculous.- there were so many people there, and I just can't really deal well with crowds of people, especially when I have or am getting a migraine. People were also driving like maniacs (well, that's a normal occurrence)... we drove less than 2 miles, and we saw so many stupid things happen on the road that I still can't quite believe it.
I was dealing with mounting STRESS on top of the other stuff because the insurance company's system was messing up and was showing that we'd already used our benefits and weren't eligible for coverage. Of course, this is on a Saturday because my head has been pounding the past few days, when we were planning on going to take care of it. The Lord answered my prayer to help ease the anxiety and for the situation to work itself out. When we went back to see if the system had improved after we ate lunch at the mall, the lady that helped us was able to get a manual authorization to push it through the system. I'm so grateful that things worked out!


  1. I hate candle stores, food courts, bath & body places, cosmetic counters, and sometimes all the different scents of various people in the crowd who have overapplied cologne/perfume. I swear some leave a trail of smell behind like Pepe LePeu. I have many alternate ways to get in and out of a mall just to avoid all the odors! Much sympathy and glad you had someone help straighten the insurance out!

  2. Not a mall fan here either. At all. Too many people, cologne snipers in the department stores.....ack!

  3. I so identify with you! I am brand new to your site but the migraine word caught my eye, as I was pretty much ruled by them from the age of 14 until recently at age 54. (2 years ago)
    You probably get tired of medical advice that may not apply to your situation headaches which sent me to bed a few days nearly every week, disappeared when a Doc put me on blood pressure meds due to an extremely high blood pressure. BP came down and headaches went bye-bye. My life has transformed into one where I can actually make plans with friends and know that I will be able to follow through, I can even handle loud places and bright places, but still stay out of perfuming candle type places.

    Hope you don't mind my words, I know that I used to read and devour anything that could be a help in any way. Bless you!

  4. Recovering Church Lady:

    Welcome! I'm so glad you came across my blog.

    I appreciate you sharing what helped your migraine situation. I've tried multiple BP meds, and they've turned out to be pretty dangerous for me. I already have low BP, so it's not a good experience to have it lowered even more by meds. They made me dizzy, almost pass out, I could barely walk or stand... Not good. :(

    I'm so glad that you've been able to control your migraines better. :)



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