Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HAWMC Prompt 20: Writing Room

I'm participating in WEGO Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge (HAWMC) in April.

Today's challenge is to describe my writing room. This room was originally referred to as "the study." But, for some reason, my husband and I started calling it "the dungeon." My desk is where my computer is, and there are multiple book shelves in the room (I love my books!). There's also a treadmill, a storage closet, and a TV/DVD player on a dresser. I typically have Friends playing in the background because I sometimes have trouble with complete silence (and I know all the lines, so I'm not distracted or tempted to just sit and watch it... though it still makes me laugh so much!).

Part of the challenge is to name an item in the room of each color (and my own challenge is to not use books for each color, though I have enough that I definitely could):
  • Red - Kleenex box
  • Orange - pad of sticky notes
  • Yellow - picture of a yellow rose (my favorite flower)
  • Green - Worry Stone from Ireland
  • Blue - the matte around my college diploma
  • Violet - some flowers on my bookshelf
  • Black - picture frames (I love pictures of my family and friends)
  • Brown - a marble bear bookend that a dear friend gave me (she has the other one)
I really like the dungeon because it's "away" from the rest of the apartment, where I spend much of my time. I have a corner that's all my own, where I can be surrounded by my books. I wish that I was able to read and write more... one day, these migraines will be more under control and I'll get back to work on writing more frequently.

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