Sunday, August 29, 2010

Treatment Options

A friend of mine, who I haven't spoken to in years, emailed me about my migraines today. Her husband had chronic migraines for years, and his pain was dramatically improved by getting a spinal cord stimulator (

Another friend of mine, another whom I haven't spoken to in years, asked me if I had heard about neurostimulators (

So, of course, I started looking into all sorts of different things online. There's so much information about spinal cord stimulation, occipital nerve stimulation, neurostimulators, etc...

There are sooo many different options. Does anyone have any insight into any of these (or other) treatment options for chronic migraines???


  1. I have an occipital stimulator for hemicrania continua. I was out of medication options and down to working 5 hours a week when I got this. Has been life changing for me. I belong to a bunch in facebook of persons who either already have a stimulator (many fancier than mine) or want to get one. They are very expensive and insurance won't always pay for it. Mine was part of a study. I have some links at my blog to studies concerning these, and to another lady's blog, BANNER, who has one installed for migraines.

  2. I have had Radiofrequency Lesioning done for my migraines, however, for has not helped. Some people do benefit greatly from RFL though. My Dr. has mentioned an Occipital Nerve Stimulator as a last resort for me. Im just not sure I am quite to the point of wanting to do that yet!


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