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My name is Jamie Valendy. I am a loving wife, a faithful Christian, and an aspiring writer. I've been struggling with chronic, debilitating pain / migraines for years - searching and praying for relief.

I started this blog in 2010, The Battle Begins, as a way to process everything and hopefully help others by sharing my own journey. The blog fell aside for a couple years, while I focused on other things, but I'm returning to share as my journey continues. The blog remains a place to:
  • share my personal journey as a chronic migraine warrior,
  • educate and raise awareness of headache disorders and other invisible illnesses,
  • and provide a safe and open space for discussion with others that are experiencing their own battles.
My life goal is to walk by faith, allowing God to work in and through me in any circumstance / experience. This blog is a practice in being open and vulnerable. It has been an honor to see Him work through my words and touch others' lives.

My journey with migraine started in childhood. I was officially diagnosed with migraine with aura when I was 16 years old. I was in an auto accident in October 2008, which transformed my migraines from episodic to chronic-daily.

While managing multiple chronic illnesses, I continue to advocate for myself and others.

Despite the chronic pain that has affected all aspects of my life, I'm grateful for the many blessings in my life. I have the most amazing husband in the world. I have a loving and supportive tribe, including some amazing friends that I've met through the headache community. And, I've found joy in this often difficult journey.

My hope is that you find comfort, support, and resources to help in your own journey.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog is intended as medical or legal advice.

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Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog is intended as medical or legal advice.

What I write on this site is my own, and if it is someone else's, I take special care to attribute it to the original author. So, please don't use any of my material without proper attribution or permission. Thanks.