Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Considering Botox (Part 1)

FEBRUARY 13, 2013

I went to my migraine doctor a couple weeks ago. I've at least gained a pound or two (finally, thank goodness!). He's going to make the pill counting issue better. We discussed Botox, again...

Talking about potentially trying Botox is a HUGE thing for me, and something I have such mixed emotions about. I'm scared to death of needles (big, small, long, short... it doesn't matter). It's never felt right to try Botox (not just because of the needle phobia). I know a lot of people don't understand that at all, especially since I've had a neuro-stimulator implanted (i.e., surgery), but haven't yet tried Botox. But, it just hasn't felt like the right thing to try / the right timing.

Perhaps I'm starting to feel that it might be time to give it a try yet, but there are still hurdles ahead. My anxiety skyrockets when I so much as think about it. But, I don't want to continue to have chronic, debilitating migraines and never even tried Botox as a treatment. I believe, though, that treatments may work differently at different points in time... maybe it wouldn't have provided migraine relief had I done it a few years ago, but maybe now it might. Who knows?! My doctor's office is contacting my insurance company to see if they'll cover it, how much it'll cost, etc. Then, the ball will be in my court.

This will be continued in Considering Botox (Part 2).

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  1. Hi, Just wanted to let you know. I started the Botox last July for my Chronic migraine, 29+ days a month. I am now at 9-12 a month. BIG improvement. The biggest benefit wasn't even the reduction in number, however, it was going from levels 6-8 pain to never more than a 2 and my triptans working the first time, instead of maxing out my meds every single day before ending up in the ER on IV cocktails. Before chronic migraine, I too had a needle phobia, but, it's needle or head pain so bad you start vomitting uncontrollably followed by vertigo so bad you can't stand up. The Botox needles are seriously TINY. I won't lie and say they aren't uncomfortable. But my hubby holds my hands and it's tolerable. My doc said she'd give me anxiety meds, if I needed them, but as long as he's there, I'm fine.

    1. Amy, thanks for sharing, and putting into perspective the Botox needles vs migraine pain. Your pain reduction is amazing! I'm so glad you've found something that has helped you so very much.


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