Chronic Migraine Warrior

Chronic Migraine Warrior

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Status Migrainousus

So, I'm getting pretty scared right now. I've been having meltdowns every day lately, due to the intense and never ceasing migraine pain. I can't get rid of this migraine, and it's been a solid week now. My headache specialist is in a different state than me, so communication is over the phone. He put me on a 2-day steroid pill regimen, but I've already completed day 1 with absolutely no relief. If this doesn't help, I might go to the E.R. I don't know if/what they can do to help, but I don't know what else to do. My husband works at nights, which has been when my migraines are normally at their worst. I saw something on someone's blog about 'status migrainousus' (basically, a severe migraine that lasts more than 72 hours with less than 4 hours of relief). I'm going to try to go to sleep... it has been pretty rough, so I'm hoping tonight will be different.

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